Friday, September 30, 2016

Acrylic Expressions

 "Garden Path" by Karen Ilari - 12 x 12 acrylic on panel

Acrylic Expressions  with Karen Ilari
Join me for this ongoing, drop in class every Tuesday 1-4 downstairs classroom $25 per class
We are focusing on loosening up and using color to express emotion and your own unique vision, in both regular and open acrylic paint.

Each session includes:
•    Demo of a work in progress - I'm working on an 18" x 24" spring river scene currently
•    Critiques of your paintings (if desired)
•    Discussion of topics as they come up: value, composition, color mixing, personal expression and more
•    individual one on one help with your own painting project (bring your reference with you)

For more info and a materials list:

 Feel free to email or give me a call with any questions!

(541) 530 - 3025

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Michael Orwick

Michael Orwick

Fall 8 week oil and acrylics painting class.
This workshop is for students of all levels, beginner through advanced.
Mondays 10/10/16 – 12/5/16 from 9:30 – 12:30
$270 for all 8 weeks or $45 drop in.

Join award winning artist and popular instructor Michael Orwick for this eight week oil painting class, designed for oil and acrylics. Michael's painting classes are open to all levels of painting experience. In it we will focus on the fundamentals of good painting. We will cover the following topics: Composition, Value, Design, Choosing a Subject, Identifying and mixing accurate Warm and Cool Colors, Establishing a Focal Point as well as Tips and Do’s and Don’ts for the Studio and Outdoor Painter to consider.  Focusing on a simplification process, the step-by-step method to creating a successful painting  The workshop will be complete with informal lectures, instructor demos, group critiques as well as individual advice.

Please come and join Michael for an informative and enjoyable class at OSA.

CONTACT: OSA or Michael Orwick with any questions you may have

Supply list

Michael Orwick

Michael Orwick Arts LLC

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Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

OSA Volunteers Needed!

We need Office Volunteers!

All Members the OSA office could use your help.

We are looking for help in the office mornings and afternoons.  Anyone interested in helping with light office duties should call the office.

Some of the duties might be different everyday and could involve answering the phones, credit card processing, helping new members with application and payment.  New membership follow up letters and calls, posting to the master list, mailings when they are needed. Demo lunches and receptions are always in need of help. 

Your time could be of real value to OSA, and would be greatly appreciated.

Please call the office and let's get started.

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Perk Up Your Paintings

Perk Up Your Paintings with Joanne Radmilovich Kollman
Open Studio this Friday: $7.50 drop in fee.
Paint with fellow artists & bring a friend.
You may come and paint together this Friday at OSA during my class time for a $7.50 open studio fee.  Paint together and finish paintings for the Student/Teacher show. Another 7 days to finish any new art . Don't forget about the 200 for 200 show in November-a few cradle boards still available.

Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Demo at OSA Thursday Oct. 6th

Next Friday, October 7th 1-4 $25 drop in fee
Topic: Loosen up your brushwork
Bring large gessoed surfaces (remember you can paint on just about anything)

New Students contact:
Oil paints and brushes available to use and a variety of surfaces available as well.

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Color Mixing Demystified

COLOR MIXING Demystified

Strengthen your paintings with simple color theory, using value (dark vs light) and intensity (bright vs dull) to create mood. Learn to mix watercolor into luminous color instead of mud. Study pigment qualities; opacity, transparency, staining and granulating to familiarize yourself with varying paint characteristics.
Master colorful blacks and expressive neutral tones. Explore creative color palettes and how to increase color harmony and diversity in your work. Practice and Play combine in this lively color workshop. All levels of experience welcome.

with René Eisenbart
Friday, Sept 30, 2016
10am - 4pm

Mail form to:
16530 NW Sheltered Nook Rd Portland OR 97231
Include a check, payable to Rene Eisenbart $95 (OSA membership is not required)
Name __________________________ email __________________________ phone

Or call:

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Friday, September 23, 2016

Long Pose Sundays

Long Pose Sundays
One model, one pose, 6 hours of uninstructed bliss.
Come draw or paint from a living model.
Choose between two 3 hour sessions, or stay for the duration.

•    *Oregon Society of Artists
•    *Portland, OR
•    *Sundays
•    *11am-2pm & 3pm-6pm
•    *Downstairs studio
$15 per 3 hour (11-2 OR 3-6)
$30 per 6 hour
Please call the OSA office to register
@ 503-228-0706

Drop Ins Are Always Welcome!

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Painting the Nude

Painting the Nude in Oils, with instructor Joanne Mehl
Sept. 19 – Nov. 7
Mondays, 9:30 am – 1:30 pm, downstairs studio

There’s still room for a few more students, so plan to come to the downstairs studio at OSA next Monday from 9:30am – 12:30pm, or call the OSA office at 503-288-0706 to reserve a spot!

Drop in $50 per class

This is an eight-week progressive course designed to strengthen figure drawing skills and introduce oil painting materials and paint handling techniques. Using demonstrations, targeted exercises and individual attention, we’ll use oils to review the components of strong drawing skills for the first two classes, then we will paint for the remaining six classes of the course.

Because a strong figure painting is built on a strong drawing!

This course is appropriate for novice to intermediate skill levels. The course will stress observational skills and construction, rendering anatomy, and composition. We’ll explore how drawing relates to painting, color and value, the effects of light and shadow, tonal methods, various modeling techniques, and how to manage a palette and mix colors.

Questions? Email the instructor at

About Joanne Mehl:
I’ve been professional artist and instructor specializing in figure painting and portraiture since 1985. For more about me, please visit:

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Class with Joanne Kollman

Joanne Kollman

Get ready! Friday, September 23rd. 
(noon to prep materials and settle in)
1-4 pm $25 drop in class

Joanne will demo exercises to get ready for large format painting.
Gesso some large pieces of cardboard or mat-board. Bring reference  8x10 color copy.

Bring your prepared panels, canvas or board for painting and color studies.

And as always,  Just come with what you have been working on. New students feel free to email Joanne for more information. 

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Erik Sandgren Class

Erik Sandgren: Color, Light and Space -- Working with Acrylics and Aqueous Media
Saturday - Sunday, September 24 - 25, 9am - 4pm

 Washington artist, printmaker and educator Erik Sandgren believes that acrylics and other aqueous media offer tremendous advantages and versatility for an evolving painting process. In this workshop,

Erik will show you his techniques for manipulating the paint film in unorthodox ways such as glazing, scratching, scuffing, and abrading. He has many strategies to share about materials and techniques, driven by each student's desire for expression based on color and composition.

There will be daily demonstrations, with group and individual conversations, all interspersed with looking at some master paintings. Bring your favorite water-based materials and tools, along with your sketchbooks and suitable supports (panels, paper or canvas).

He suggests also bringing one failed, stalled or abandoned painting in acrylic or another aqueous medium- the objective is for everyone in the workshop to take away something useful that will inspire a fresh take on his or her work.

Please call OSA to register for Erik's workshop.

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Juggling too many Creative Projects and Ideas at once?

The Artist Juggler

Do you have trouble deciding which style or medium is your strongest direction? Many artists face these challenges. What you may lack is a sense of direction in your art career.

Here are some tips from Career Artist Coach - Renee Phillips:

Strive For Balance 
Balance can be an enormous challenge for artists who have talent in many areas. Creativity is our greatest tool when it is balanced with having a realistic perspective, plans of action and time-management.

Contemplate The Outcome 
Make choices based on establishing priorities and goal-setting rather than impulsive responses. 

Choose Priorities 
Your career is much easier to manage when you practice the art of establishing priorities. You’ll turn feelings of being overwhelmed into peace of mind when you simplify and streamline. There are only 24 hours in a day so choose your priorities wisely. As the saying goes, in your life time you can do anything you want, you just won’t have time to do everything you want.

Plan For Success 
Creating an Art Business Plan is essential for any serious professional artist. I helped Jack develop a 6-month plan and a 2 year plan. This important exercise helped him stay committed and on track. He had a blueprint for success and was able to follow through with a sense of confidence and clarity.

Want to learn how to do it? Read this article “How to Create Your Art Business Plan”.

Reduce Multi-Tasking and Expand Your Focus 
If you are a person who is frequently engaged in multitasking, according to many experts it has been proven that our brains just aren’t equipped for multitasking tasks that do require brainpower.

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Friday, September 16, 2016

Soon Y Warren Painting Vibrant Watercolor

Soon Y. Warren Painting Vibrant Watercolor's

Monday through Friday, October 3-7, 2016

OSA Members $395: Non-Members $445 (Non-refundable deposit of $100)

Only a few places left! Hurry!

Internationally known artists, Soon Y. Warren, will offer step-by-step instruction as students learn to paint vibrantly with watercolor. Daily painting demonstrations and critiques will be provided concentrating on technique, the concept of color theory, composition and color values. Students will be working on three paintings during the five day workshop, Soon's reference materials.

To sign up for this workshop please call the OSA office.

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Thursday, September 15, 2016

October Teacher-Student Show

You Me & the Fish             Joan Willamson

A unique opportunity for students and instructors to exhibit their artwork together.  Artists may enter up to 3 pieces of original work not previously shown in OSA gallery. Please follow the farming guidelines for a non-juried show. 
 All entries are welcome.



EXHIBIT FEES:  $20 for 1-3 entries

Contact  Exhibit Co-Chairs:
Steve Kleier: 503-775-6562
Randall Vemer: 503-713-8829

We WELCOME Volunteers

Follow the link for Framing Guidelines for a NON-Juried Show

Inspire * Educate * Create

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Painting Class with Ward Jene Stroud

What's new?

What's new with Ward Jene Stroud!
Fridays - 9/;30am - 12:30pm

Painting, Pixles, and People...

Brusho demo!

First day we will have Blick gift cards for everyone attending!

Being a modern artist today is roughly...

1. 60% easel work (painting, drawing, and basically creating)
2. 70% preparation (acquiring, selecting, composing, and editing images (digitally and photo) or finding locations.
3. 50% finishing (framing,  matting, coating,  and capturing copies for reproduction)
4. 90% marketing (distribution l, galleries, Internet/webpage, social media, hanging showing and selling)
...and so, so, so much more!

Each week we will focus on a "hands on" painting technique complete with demonstrations and critiques and... We will also touch (organically adjusted by class) on the other things (with surprise special guests) that make being an artist both challenging and rewarding!

Come and find community in our energetic, fun, safe, and creative environment!

**There may be field trips too!  

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Scratchboard and Watercolor

Work by Rick Wheeler
Scratchboard and Watercolor

Rick Wheeler: Scratchboard and Watercolor Class! What fun!
You ready to try something different and fun?

Friday - Sunday, October 14-16, 9am - 4pm $350

Although scratchboard is considered a drawing medium, it can produce magical, one of a kind images that replicate the look of traditional prints. The act of scratching designs and images into a pre-inked black board allows for a variety of results, ranging from the highly detailed to expressive, loose woodcut-like effects.

Join artist, designer and illustrator, Rick Wheeler as he also shows you how to combine scratchboard with painting (watercolor), giving your drawing even more life.

Please call the office to register for this workshop or reach Rick for any questions you might have follow the link below.

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

October BrushMarks

October 'BrushMarks' is available on the OSA website. This is the newsletter for The Oregon Society of Artists in Portland, Oregon. Get all the news and classes for the beautiful month of October in the North West.

 Let's have some fun together! 

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Friday, September 9, 2016

Chinese Brush Painting

Chinese Brush Painting
by Cindy Lommassan

Have you wanted to learn the ancient traditional technique of CBP - Chinese Brush Painting? CBP is thousands of years old and is done with ink, sometimes watercolor, and Xuan (rice) paper. CBP is also known as 'Ink Wash Painting' and 'Sumi-e' in Japan. 
Sumi =ink and Sumi-e = ink  painting.

Well here is your chance to learn at OSA!

Cindy Lommasson's Fall Chinese Brush Painting Workshop
Sunday, October 30, 10-4, in the upstairs studio.

Learn to paint grapes, fish, and waterfalls. Tuition is $95, and may be paid by PayPal at

For information on supplies, or to pay by check, contact the instructor at, or 503.702.7581.

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Steve Kleier Classes at OSA

Work by Steve Kleier

The sky is turning steely so autumn looms. Steve is putting aside the warmth of summer for the energy of fall. Its a great time to get back to drawing and painting. The classes Steve offers at OSA resume Tuesday and Wednesday Sept 13 and 14.

Tuesday morning Watercolor Class, 10am-1pm. We will start the year by reviewing some fundamentals and applying them to landscape  painting. Like last year, the subjects will vary and as the year progresses we will cover a wide range of subjects and technique. Follow along or create your own. $25 drop in fee.

Wednesday evening Drawing and Painting, 630-830pm. This fall we will start with some watercolor fundamentals and how to use them in painting. This class is very similar to the Tuesday morning class and often shares the same subject. Follow along or create your own. It is a 2 hour class so the fee is $20 drop in.

NEW for 2016 Tuesday afternoon Drawing Class!
Tuesday Afternoon Drawing Class begins September 13, 2-4pm
This Tuesday afternoon class will offer lessons of special interest. Each month is a new topic and will give the student a solid understanding of a specific topic of drawing or painting. September is using travel photos. Each week I will demonstrate a technique using travel photos for reference. Follow along or create your own. These lessons are full of useful information presented in a clear, relaxed environment. I have been an instructor at the OSA since 2007. Join me for fun and learning. Since these lessons are sequential I suggest to sign up for the series, one calendar month each. $25 each for the series of $30 each drop in.

Bring your usual materials to start.

If you would like information on any of these classes contact the OSA office at or Steve at

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

Monday, September 5, 2016

Acrylic Expressions

Acrylic Expressions with Karen Ilari
Starts September 6th,
Tuesdays 1-4, ongoing, $25 per class

Drop Ins welcome, please reserve a spot, space is limited email the artist at:, or call: (541) 530-3025

This class is all about you! Finding your voice, developing your style. Your choice of subject, style and technique, using acrylic paints. Bring your own reference materials and start a new painting from scratch, bring a work in progress or revisit a painting challenge.

From the Artist: "Develop your voice and take your painting to the next level, or start from the beginning. Wherever you are in your painting journey. My goal is to create an atmosphere of support, encouragement and challenge. We will start each class with a group critique session, then I'll provide info and demo based on the challenges we see. I'll follow that with individual attention, helping you with specific concepts and techniques.  Some topics we will cover: Acrylic painting techniques, choosing a reference, telling a story, composition, focal point, color harmony, color mixing, brushwork, light and shadow, drawing and form, and whatever else comes up! "

Drop ins are welcome! $25 per class. Work at your own pace. Pick up a class when you need help, or come each week. Please reserve a spot as our space is limited!

Bring along what you have, acrylic paints, brushes, support of your choice. Also some sketch paper and pencils

For a complete list of suggested supplies, or more info about me, visit artist website:

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201