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RACC 2011 Artists Workshop Series

RACC 2011 Artists Workshop Series

From January through June 2011, RACC will present 11 professional development workshops for local artists. Each workshop is offered at an affordable price as part of RACC’s commitment to providing learning opportunities that help artists become more successful in their careers.
Link to a workshop below, and see online registration link at bottom of the page. Take 5 workshops and save 20%.

If you dislike the marketing grind and know, in your heart, that there must be a better way to build a thriving business, this workshop is for you. Whether you’re a new business owner or...
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 A complete overview of the language and tools needed for websites
This informative foundation workshop is for artists and arts administrators who want to start (and/or...
Event Date:
For all visual artists making it and wanting to.
Artists are constantly challenged to succeed in an ever changing art market. How can artists survive the current economic...
Event Date:
For artists who are new to grant writing or need a fresh perspective.
This interactive workshop will explore the granting process from start to finish, covering topics such...
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3/12 RACC Workshop: The Art and Zen of Asking for Business  Sixty-eight percent of business is lost simply because people don’t ask for it. The dilemma is not simply that people don’t ask, but more often, that they don’t know how. Asking...
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This informative and interactive workshop will focus on copyrights, providing practical information on various legal topics related to the protection of artwork and the related rights and...
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Nearly every contract relating to the business of selling or licensing art, or providing creative services, necessarily involves federal Copyright law. It is crucial that artists and creative...
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This interactive workshop will provide musicians, songwriters and anyone interested in the inner workings of the music industry with simplified and practical information on various legal topics,...
Event Date:
For arts organizations new to grant writing or wanting a fresh perspective
This workshop will explore how to create solid, mission-driven grant writing systems that will...
Event Date:
For artists and arts organizations who are new to grant writing or need a fresh perspective.
In this hands-on and interactive workshop, we will explore how you can find...
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Learn in concept and practice how digital images are altered using Adobe Photoshop. This four-hour class covers the basics of file type, image compression and resolution. We will also explore how...
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