Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Painting the Human Head

Painting the Human Head

Wednesday evenings 630-830pm
Instructor: Steve Kleier 

Watercolor or Acrylic
Drop in Fee $25 OSA members

The human head is an endlessly fascination subject. In this series of classes we will learn all about how to draw and paint it with skill and confidence. We will do young people, old people, different ethnic groups and expressions.

Drop in any Wednesday evening and discover something new that will give you new insight and practical techniques for making natural and expressive portraits.
Drop in fee $25

Be Inspired Have Fun, Get Better

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Jean Haines Free Demo at OSA 10-20-17

"Jean Haines Watercolour,"
Jean Haines SWA Society for Women Artists
A Worldwide Embassador of Watercolour

  International watercolorist Jean Haines SWA is well known for
her passion for working in her favorite medium, watercolour and
will be returning to OSA in October 2017.

Jean will also give a free demo at OSA , if you are not attending
her workshop this is a great time to meet Jean and experience her

This Demo will be Friday, October 20, 2017, at 10 am. If
you have books by Jean please bring them as she will autograph
it for you after the demonstration.

Jean's Biography

Living in China was a time when studying brush control had the greatest impact on the evolvement of Jeans style. Later working with artists from India and Pakistan introduced vibrant colours in her results compared to her previous more quiet watercolours created whilst living in Europe.

The combination of East meets West in her style is unavoidable and to be enjoyed. Free flow of water along with no fear of working directly minus the use of a preliminary sketch leads Jean to amazing results that often leave viewers of her working in awe. Light and the use of beautiful colour along with the ability to take any ordinary subject and turn it into an extraordinary painting with consistently unique results is what many artists aspire to achieve. Furthermore Jean has the ability to install enthusiasm and inspirational motivation in all around her.

Paintings by Jean can be found in homes all over the world. Favorite subjects are highly sought after from galleries as are places on her ever glowingly popular workshops. These are always restricted in number of places to ensure the value for those attending.

Jean is a member of the SWA, Society for Women Artists, and won the Anthony J Lester Award in 2009 during the SWA Annual Exhibition where her work was likened to Joseph Crawhalls from the famous Glasgow Boys. She regularly writes for art magazines and exhibits in a number of galleries.

“Jean Haines, a favorite artist with a unique style and an ever growing following of watercolour fans. This artist of today will surely be a memorable famous artist of the future.”

Don't forget to get on the wait list for 2019 workshop!


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Calling Fellow Artists

Joe Paquet is teaching a workshop in Portland
February 18 to 24, 2018

Registration is officially open!

Below is the link for more details and to register. This is Joe's first time teaching in the Northwest and this workshop will fill fast.

Reserve your spot ASAP!

This photo is the results of the same workshop format he recently taught in New York. Looks like a great group of happy and proud artists!

Register with: Susan Kuznitsky @  susankuznitsky@gmail.com


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Portland Open Studios at OSA

Join us for Portland Open Studios at Oregon Society of Artists

Saturday and Sunday 10-5 pm
 October, 14 and 15  - October, 21 and 22
(Two weekends)

Participating Artists:

Farooq Hassan
Susan Kuznitsky
Ward Jene Stroud
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman
Laura Nothern

Use these tools to plan your tour: 

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 S.W. Park Place
Portland, Oregon 97205 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Aimee Erickson: Basic Color Theory Class

       NOVEMBER 13th-15th

Call the OSA office to register, space is limited

This hands-on workshop starts with an introduction to the defining characteristics of color: hue, value, and chroma. Then we’ll do a series of exercises: color-mixing assignments designed to be informative and enjoyable. We take an easy pace in this class, so you’ll have time to see and enjoy the color relationships as you mix them. You’ll come away with new ways of seeing and a solid foundation for additional exploration. 

We provide: all the painting surfaces you’ll need for the exercises, as well as handouts.
What you need to bring:
• Two palette knives: a small one, 1-1/8” in length (such as Cheap Joe’s item CJPK40) (This might be the only time you’ll use such a small knife, but you’ll be glad you have it in this class!) and a medium-size one, 2-7/8” in length (item CJPK50)
• A small square paintbrush to make clean edges.
• Gamsol and a container for cleaning your brush.
• Richeson Grey Matters Paper Palette, size 12x16”
• Oil Paint: Quinacridone Red 37ml or Naphthol Red 37ml, Cadmium Yellow Light 37 ml or Indian Yellow 37 ml, Phthalo Blue 37 ml or Ultramarine Blue 37 ml, Ivory or Mars Black 37 ml, and Titanium White 150 ml. We recommend Gamblin; the 1980 series is a good value “student grade” paint made with the same pigments as the “artist grade” paints.
• for oil painters: a drying medium such as Liquin Impasto, Old Masters Maroger, Old Masters Venetian Wax Medium, or Gamblin’s Galkyd Gel (in a tube).
• A sketchbook or notebook (please note that you can use oil paint in a regular sketchbook, which is a useful way to keep color notes and written notes together)
• A roll of paper towels.
• A pencil or pen.
• Lunch, snacks, and water to drink.

*For Non-Oil Painters: Since Aimee is primarily an oil painter, and oil paint has the advantage of staying wet on the palette, the demos and examples are in oil; however, you may work in another medium if you choose: acrylic, gouache, or acrylagouache. Please bring the same or equivalent pigments as listed above; also bring a water container, a spray/mist bottle to keep your paint wet, and a 1/2” square paintbrush, since these mediums may more easily applied with a brush, and cleaning brushes is less of an issue.

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 S.W. Park Place
Portland, Oregon 97205

Monday, October 9, 2017

Free Demo at OSA


Creating Flesh Tones in the Alla Prima Portrait

Many artists struggle with creating convincing flesh tones in
portrait and figure paintings. Because human skin reflects light
and color, acute observation of warm and cool tones, and
subtleties in changes of hue are required, along with the ability
to group values, in order to successfully create the illusion of
living skin.

Working from the live model, Joanne Mehl will demonstrate
how to mix color to create a light and dark value pattern, and
how to observe and mix warm and cool flesh tones while
maintaining value groupings.

Joanne Mehl is a fine artist with over 30 years of experience
creating quality artwork for her clients. Specializing in
portraiture, figure painting and equine subjects, much of her
work is commissioned portraits of individuals, families, and the
animals they love; as well as various scenes offered for sale
through her gallery or on her website.

For more info visit: joannemehl.com

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 S.W. Park Place
Portland, Oregon 97205