Thursday, September 1, 2016

Writing Your Artist Statement

Writing Your Artist Statement

 Creating a Powerful Artist's Statement
Your artist's statement is your opportunity to share insights about your approach to your art. Keep it simple!

While your biography is your opportunity to tell your story, your artist's statement is your opportunity to share your philosophy about your work. Your Artist's statement should be brief - about 500 words. Avoid the temptation to make it too philosophical. Imagine you are talking to a collector about your work and explaining your motivation and technique. Use language that a collector would understand.
What to Include

 You may want to include the following in your artist's statement:
1.    What you are trying to say with your work.
2.    How your subject matter and style relate to your message.
3.    How you developed your technique.
4.    Factors in your life that lead you to create the work you do  (there may be some overlap from your biography here).
5.    How your work has developed over time.

Your artist's statement should be written in first-person. You can keep the layout simple. Include a picture of yourself and a piece or two of your artwork if you wish. Consider getting professional help, if you are having trouble.

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