Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Scratchboard and Watercolor

Work by Rick Wheeler
Scratchboard and Watercolor

Rick Wheeler: Scratchboard and Watercolor Class! What fun!
You ready to try something different and fun?

Friday - Sunday, October 14-16, 9am - 4pm $350

Although scratchboard is considered a drawing medium, it can produce magical, one of a kind images that replicate the look of traditional prints. The act of scratching designs and images into a pre-inked black board allows for a variety of results, ranging from the highly detailed to expressive, loose woodcut-like effects.

Join artist, designer and illustrator, Rick Wheeler as he also shows you how to combine scratchboard with painting (watercolor), giving your drawing even more life.

Please call the office to register for this workshop or reach Rick for any questions you might have follow the link below.

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

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