Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 21-23; Workshop with Myrna Wacknov at OSA

$190 - OSA members       $220 - non members
Myrna is well regarded as an instructor and her art is quite remarkable. This workshop has been in the works for two years; we are lucky to have Myrna fit OSA into her busy schedule. Last count there are only three positions left in this workshop.  Call Rene to Register at 503-890-9668 E-mail her

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 15, Subtractive Sculpture with Carole Murphy

Carole Murphy
Carole Murphy has resided in Portland, Oregon, for more than the last half decade and has found that the great Northwest is her real home. Beginning in bronze, Murphy moved to glass and now finds that her passion has moved to Pozzalanic Stone, a form of carveable aerated cement. Carole is the President of the Pacific Northwest Sculptors and Her work has been shown in galleries and museums throughout the US.  She teaches classes and workshops on both the east and west coasts.  Please join members for a lively presentation by this Northwest Artist.
Please arrive in time for General business meeting around 7:30 pm.  The open critique group convenes about 6:00pm

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Demonstration Highlights - March General Business Meeting

Paul Missal did a portrait demo for members  in acrylic about four years ago.  This demo was a pencil sketching technique he has used in the past to lay down the architecture, as he puts it, of the figure quickly as a mass or core of dense lines. 


While drawing the model he plots reference points and measures  for anatomical landmarks.  He holds at least two pencils in each hand, sharpened on both ends. An assorted collection of hard and soft leads influences the types of marks on the paper; fat or lean, light or dark in value.


Continue building in more variety of lines, correcting for proportion and considering the model in her environment......


The drawing of the model fits on the entire paper without cutting off feet, hands or head.

Lines for texture and value can be seen in background.  Appear loose and scribbled.

A pink pearl eraser is the artists choice for working back over the surface to create a 'new kind of line' to the drawing.

The detail above shows how running the eraser over the form softens form and brings back light areas.Notice he still is drawing with two softer leads. Paul mentions when he seeks out the exterior edge, he draws a 'felted contour', a sensitive line that has contrast and life just as the edge of the person in the chair.
Below, the completed drawing is just about to come to a close and finally the signature! This was an amazing process.  Thank you Paul.

The OSA General Business Meeting for March 18th, 2010 was called to order by President Donna Lind as she led members in the Pledge of Allegiance.  A list of New and Active Juried members was read  for the approval of the membership.  By unanimous vote all were approved as new and active members.  The minutes of the last meeting were not available.  The treasures report was not read.  The names of the members will be listed in the next month's (April) Brushmarks Newsletter. There was no new business at this time.  The meeting was adjourned. The next general meeting for the OSA membership will be the third Thursday evening in April,2010.