Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Classical Oil Glazing Class at OSA

"Peaches and Plums on a Pewter Plate"
1610 by Jacob and Hulsdonck   
Classical Oil Glazing Class at OSA

Oregon Society of Artists  •  July 10th – August 28th
Mondays, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, downstairs studio
$260 for 8 classes ($32.50 each) / $50 per drop-in class
To register, please call OSA at 503-228-0706
Note: You must be an OSA member to register for classes.

If you want to give your paintings an edge with rich and glowing color, learn to glaze!

Masters such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Vermeer and Caravaggio painted in oils using glazing techniques. Glazes are thin, transparent layers of color applied over an opaque under-painting, which can create glowing depths of color. This nearly lost art is now finding renewed interest and usage within the current representational art renaissance.
In this 8-week class we will:
• Learn about color mixing using layers of color.
• Learn about relative transparency of paint tube colors.
• Learn about the principle of “Fat over Lean”.
• Create a Modello drawing and a lean, light valued under-painting for glazing.
• Learn about substrates and primers.
• Learn to make a classical recipe of Rabbit Skin Glue Gesso. (Trust me, you'll want to clearly label this yogurt-like substance at home.)
• Make our own finely textured panel using Rabbit Skin Glue Gesso.
The goal of this class is to give oil painters one more “wow”- factor tool in their artistic toolbox.  Glazing's rich techniques are easily seen in masterworks of the past, and are just as worthy and compelling today.
NOTE: Drop in students are welcome, but the classes are sequential.
Questions? Email me at:  joannemehl@comcast.net

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