Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow Days - Sorry Closed

OSA will be closed Friday,  January 13th & Saturday January 14th.  We are watching the weather for more news about Sunday.

The decision about the Volunteer Show Reception will be made as we get closer to Sunday. Several things still effect the reception on Sunday. The parking lot still has inches of snow and we are concerned for the safety of the membership. The other issue we face is the road conditions in and around downtown Portland.  As you know Seattle has sent in several trucks and crews and they will start working on the roads today, this will be a big help, however, that said, there is still the extreme cold to deal with.

We will keep you posted and we hope to resume all classes next week.

The 2nd Thursday Demo has been moved to next week, it looks like the weather will be more helpful.

For more information on your class please call or email your instructor. They will have the information you need on your classes. Most instructors have already spoken to you either by email or phone, however, please do not hesitate to get in touch with them if you have more questions.

You can go the the OSA website and follow the link to classes and then to your class information.

Oregon Society of Artists
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Portland, Oregon  97201

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