Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Free Wood Carving Demonstration at OSA!

2nd THURSDAY DEMO  - November 10th, 2016 @ 11 am
Stan Peterson

Characteristic Carving in Wood

Stan’s wood sculptures are innocent yet sophisticated. His characters emerge from the wood ready to tell us stories and make us smile.

During his demo, we will learn Stan’s approach to carving, painting practices, and what inspires him. His sculptures are lovingly brought to life from basswood and painted with layers of milk paint and then sanded to reveal subtle layers and chisel angles. Sometimes Stan burns areas of the wood for textural effect.

Stan is influenced by Outsider Art and Folk Art. He began carving driftwood while living in Newport. He later moved to California and took a job with a community of artists at Creative Growth Center, teaching developmentally disabled students the art of woodcarving. Stan is a part of the Waterstone Gallery, works on a steady flow of commissions and teaches an annual class in woodworking at Sitka Center.

Check out his website: www.stan-peterson.com

Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon  97201

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