Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Perk Up Your Painting!

Joanne Kollman and her work

Perk Up Your Painting with Joanne Kollman!
Friday August 19th from 1-4pm at Oregon Society of Artists. $25 drop-in fee.

Last week Joanne started a demo painting from previous outdoor paintings and this week she will continue. Class starts with a critique on what we all have been working on in previous classes.

The demo is informal and folks can continue painting while Joanne  talks through the demo. If you are new, just show up and we will get you going.

Topics: Developing an Idea and Problem Solving Your Paintings.


Join Joanne this Sunday for Art in the Rose Garden. Peninsula Park Rose Garden 11-4pm.

In Addition:
Arrive early to set up or prepare a cradleboard for the OSA 200 show in November 12-1pm. Bring back gessoed cradleboards for final imprimatura if you were here last week

Need more information?
OSA Office 503-228-0706
Contract us by email @ oregonsa@gmail.com
For more information visit our OSA Website @ http://www.oregonsocietyofartists.com

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