Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photos Don't Rule the Composition

Steve Kleier  has searched his photos for the perfect composition and is here to tell you,"It isn't going to exist!" But that's a good thing. Before Steve ever got to paper and paint he did a full size sketch using his photo as a Guide - The boat and dock weren't even there and he zoomed in on all the buildings and piers on the right. Whether you paint from life, outdoors or a photo be sure to get away from an exact replica of your photograph and create a more interesting painting.  Check the slide show below for the progress of Steve's work today.  Steve teaches watercolor on Tuesday at 10-1pm at Oregon Society of Artists.

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sally della wickham said...

Love Steve's watery watercolors! He is an excellent technician combined with a free and easy style. His grasp on Art History adds an extra dimension to his classes.